About us

Aaba Pharma has been established with a mission to serve infertile couples with supplements, drugs, and medicines to treat infertility among them. After extensive research for years, it is found that a couple is unable to reproduceĀ if the male partner is experiencing a lack in sperm function or the female partner is having a poor egg function or sometimes both. This ultimately resulted in the formulation of adjuvants.

Aaba made it possible for sub-fertile couples to bear a child by creating this Adjuvants pill consisting of all the essential minerals, micronutrients, antioxidants and vitamins that will help to initiate fertility among couples. This is a huge step towards curing infertility.

Adjuvants have been useful to improve the sperm production and the reproductive health through the antioxidants that it releases into the bloodstream. Adjuvants are particularly important to improve the health of the sperm in male and the egg in the female. Adjuvants has been able to show a significant amount of improvement in the outcome of treating infertile couples.

Treatment in clinics may see few success rates, but with this pill, you can at least be sure that your chance of becoming pregnant has increased as you have taken Aaba Pharma's best creation till date.